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Bradley Cooper Pulls Back On Public Relationship With Girlfriend Irina Shayk To Get Serious?

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has been super public about his new relationship with girlfriend Irina Shayk. But recently, “Elephant Man” actor has pulled back the reigns on flaunting his new love with Irina Shayk. Are they getting more and more serious?
Bradley Cooper may be close to making his relationship with his new girlfriend Irina Shayk official in London. Both “Elephant Man” actor and the model were caught in the same vicinity in London last month.
According to Mirror UK, “The hunky actor appeared in high spirits as he left the venue and signed autographs for fans waiting outside. Meanwhile Irina let her hair down with a trip to the uber-fashionable Chiltern Firehouse.”
In fact, Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Irina Shayk may be ready for a baby!
According to a source cited by E! Online, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are ready to become parents. "They both want kids one day and that's been discussed between them," our source admits, adding, "They have a huge attraction to each other between their personalities and their sexual energies. You see them in a room and you immediately are in love with them as a couple."
Bradley Cooper has been under fire for jumping to a new girlfriend after his recent breakup AND dancing with his ex at Glastonbury 2015. But now “Elephant Man” actor is trying to do some damage control by turning the public’s eye away from his girlfriend drama.
In fact, he is more of a player than anybody would have expected! “Elephant Man” actor was seen shimmying with his ex Suki Waterhouse at Glastonbury 2015 with his most recent girlfriend Irina Shayk nowhere in sight.
Do you think Bradley Cooper is reaffirming or having second thoughts about his new relationship? Let me know in the comments below!

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Irina Shayk Has Solo Night Out in London!

Irina Shayk keeps her head down and hidden under her purse as she heads into her favorite London hotspot The Chiltern Firehouse on Monday (July 27) in London, England.
That same evening, the 29-year-old supermodel’s boyfriend Bradley Cooper was spotted greeting fans outside of the Haymarket Theatre after a performance in his play The Elephant Man.
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Irina Shayk Has Solo Night Out in London!

Irina recently took to her Instagram to reminisce on her first Vogue cover for Vogue Spain in November of 2013.
“The mock up of my very first Vogue cover.. Shot by talented, handsome @giampaolosgura 🇮🇹❤️,” Irina captioned. “Will never forget when he showed me.”